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What is a Niche Website?

Target niche market websites provide yet another way for potential clients to find out about a specifically targeted product or service.

Simply put it is a narrowly defined product or service. If your company has a list of many areas of service, targeting one specific service from the main list is a target niche market.

What is a Niche Website?

A niche mini-site is a secondary website that specifically targets one specific service or product that you offer on your main website. This target niche website links back to your main website. These links are referred to as inbound links to your main website. The main website never links to the niche mini site; only the nich mini site links back to the main website. The reason for this is to avoid what is called a 'round robin' or more specifically 'spamming'. The niche site is for quality, relevant, targeted information to support a specific product or service residing on the main website.

What is the purpose of a niche website?

The goal of a target niche website is to strengthen traffic to your main website while offering pertinent and high quality relative information on a specific service or product, and at the same time, serve as another way for potential clients to contact you. Enlisting many target niche websites can create a compounding effect on your SEO marketing campaign. More traffic means more traffic which means more opportunities for new business. Combining affordable small business seo services with target niche marketing can be a powerful marketing strategy.

Feeling confused? We can explain in more detail. Contact us for information on developing a target niche website to aid your main website. Start growing — get your niche website marketing program in place.

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